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IMO Testing

We provide fire resistance and material flammability testing for compliance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Resolutions. SwRI is recognized as an independent testing laboratory and quality assurance agency by the U.S. Coast Guard and accepted by Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, the American Bureau of Shipping and other classification societies.

IMO A.653(18)Surface Flammability of Bulkhead, Ceiling, and Such Finish MaterialsGene Horton
Natasha Albracht
IMO A.753 (18)Guidelines for the Application of Plastic Pipes on Ships. Similar to ASTM F 1173Steven Uribe
Bill Bendele
IMO FTP Code Part 1Non-Combustibility TestNatasha Albracht
IMO FTP Code Part 2Smoke and Toxicity TestGene Horton
Natasha Albracht
IMO FTP Code Part 3 (A.754(18))Recommendation of Fire Resistance Tests for "A," "B," and "F" Class DivisionsKaren Carpenter
IMO FTP Code Part 5Test for Surface FlammabilityGene Horton
Natasha Albracht
IMO FTP Code Part 6Test for Primary DeckGene Horton
Natasha Albracht
IMO FTP Code Part 7Test for Vertically Supported Textiles and FilmsNatasha Albracht
IMO FTP Code Part 8Test for Upholstered FurnitureNatasha Albracht
IMO FTP Code Part 9Test for Bedding ComponentsNatasha Albracht
IMO Resolution MSC.40(64)Fire Restricting Materials (ISO 9705)Karen Carpenter