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Surface Engineering

Three panel image showing from left to right plasma ion processing, surface functionalization, and coatings

Surface engineering uses various processes to modify the surface of materials for improved properties. Southwest Research Institute’s surface engineering and coating services include analytical testing, failure analysis, prototype or technology development, pilot production, and manufacturing implementation support.

Our experience – SwRI has over 75 years of combined experience in the development of surface modification, thin films, and coating technologies for advanced material solutions.

What we do – We work closely with clients to solve needs through controlled engineering of surface properties. We identify, characterize, and implement near-term solutions and develop novel technology for future applications.

Our approach – As an independent non-profit organization we can avoid technology bias in selecting the optimal solution for our client’s needs. 

Our Markets – We support aircraft, automotive, defense, energy, medical, offshore/subsea, printing, security, and space industries.

Contact Josh Mangum or call +1 210 522 3928 to discuss potential solutions for your application.

Surface Engineering & Coating Technology Services

SwRI combines expertise in Materials and Mechanical Engineering to provide surface engineering and coating services, including:

Coating Technologies

Surface Modification

  • Surface Functionalization
  • Surface Roughening

Materials Engineering & Science

Optical Coatings Services

Modeling & Design Services

Consulting Services

  • Analyzing parts and failures
  • Troubleshooting and optimizing existing processes
  • Identifying manufacturing partners and equipment