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Optical Coating Services

Optical coatings consist of one or more thin layers that are deposited onto different materials to enhance the transmission and reflection of light at the surface. Southwest Research Institute has over three decades of experience in Materials and Lasers, Optics, & Electro-Optics, helping clients worldwide solve technical problems with optical coating services and photonic systems. We provide thin-film deposition and applied research to solve technical challenges associated with development and integration of optical coatings and photonics systems.

Thin-Film Optics & Photonics Research

Thin-film optics focuses on nano-sized layers of materials that are thin enough to be on the order of the wavelengths of visible light. At this scale, the layered thin materials have exceptional properties, altering the way they reflect, absorb, and transmit light. SwRI provides contract R&D and optical coating services for the modeling and application of thin-film optics. Our research is used to enhance everything from remote sensing of methane gas with infrared cameras to improvement of photovoltaic solar cells. Learn more at these related services:

For inquiries on thin-film deposition services, materials, or applied research, please contact Jeffrey Boehme or call +1 210 522 5979.

Optical Design & Modeling

microscopic image of nanoflakes used in optical coatings

A microscopic image of nanoflakes used in optical coatings.

Our optical design and modeling packages include Zeemax OpticStudio and Essential Macleod for determining materials and corresponding thicknesses to achieve the desired effect. SwRI also has the spectroscopic means of determining the optical properties of the final thin-film stack.

Optical system modeling is frequently used for optimizing system-level components for detection, communication, and energy solutions but can also be used in deep science applications such as microscopy, spectroscopy, and telescopes. SwRI has an impressive array of modeling capabilities with experience in optical component and system design and thin-film design and optimization.

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