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Turbomachinery Design & Testing

Rotor Blade Dynamics

SwRI is internationally known for turbomachinery design, testing, and training in support of the aerospace and energy industries. Our services are designed to help clients understand the roles of thermal stress, vibration, and materials selection over the life of turbomachinery. We combine multiple disciplines from aerospace engineering, materials science, and mechanical engineering to help you get a full picture of the role that different impellers, rotor blades, compressors, and piping systems can have in the thermodynamics and power cycles of turbomachinery equipment and systems.

  • Centrifugal Compressor Design
  • Aero-thermal flow analysis
  • Stress and Thermal Analysis
  • Turbomachinery and Piping CFD
  • Blade Vibration Audit Technology
  • Rotordynamic & Mechanical Design Audits
  • Materials & Coating Selection
  • Life Analysis & Management
  • Determining Optimal EOS for an Application
  • Wind Turbine Technology

For more information about turbomachinery design and testing, please contact Tim Allison at +1 210 522 3561.