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SPARTA Electronic Warfare Advanced Test System

SPARTA, or System Performance and Real-time Analysis, is an advanced tool that provides automated data analysis during testing of electronic counter measure (ECM) systems. Winner of a 2020 R&D 100 Award, SPARTA features pre-configuration options that provide quick data alerts, reducing manual testing time. A user-friendly interface describes behavior of an ECM system under test (SUT) in both time-domain and frequency-domain. Graphical video illustrating activity of recorded signal of interest (SOI) related to radar emitters can be synchronized to range and velocity graphs, providing more in-depth visual data.

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Product Highlights

This robust product features visual data that can be analyzed from high-level outputs down to very detailed pulses or samples. Combined with automated high-fidelity analytics, the following SPARTA product highlights enhance a variety of ECM testing requirements.

SFT 5 panel

Signal of Interest Report Data

  • Instantaneous bandwidth (IBW)
  • Radar simulation
  • Long collection times
  • High speed data collection and real‐time analysis
  • Advanced EA analysis
  • Advanced EP analysis
  • Automated testing

ECM Testing Applications

SPARTA can reduce lifecycle costs and improve testing accuracy during acquisition and sustainment phases related to:

Automated testing report screens

Automated Testing

  • Automated testing of EW systems
  • System performance test 
  • Qualification test
  • Design verification test (DVT)
  • Acceptance test
  • Regression test 
  • Developmental Testing
  • Operational Testing

Key Measurement Capabilities

Designed to meet complex testing needs in a congested, noisy environment, SPARTA leverages current test inventory, while meeting the needs of newer digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) systems. Key measurements include:

ECM Report information

ECM Report Information

  • Range deception
  • Velocity deception
  • Angle deception
  • Pulse-to-pulse
  • (Freq, PPI, PW)
  • Multiple false targets
  • Multiple radar beams
  • Radar Characteristics
  • AM (on/off) modulation rate
  • AM (on/off) duty cycle
  • Intrapulse modulation
  • Scan rate
  • AM and pulse envelopes
  • Percent jamming
  • Pulse drop-out
  • PW & PW modulation
  • Spurious signals
  • Coordination between range and velocity
  • Gain and Amplitude Analysis
Ultra-wideband Receiver for EW Testing
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