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Catalyst Aging Services

The automotive industry develops new aftertreatment and catalyst systems to meet the evolving tailpipe emissions control standards. Aftertreatment system catalyst aging simulates the conditions that affect the ability of aftertreatment system to filter particulate matter and reduce harmful NOX over time.

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), a leader in Emissions research and Automotive testing, provides leading solutions to engine OEMs and catalyst manufacturers globally. SwRI tests catalyst performance and aftertreatment system readiness as per the industry standards and regulatory specifications. Our catalyst aging and performance services range from accelerated aging in a laboratory burner system and synthetic gas reactors for catalyst core analysis to dynamometer evaluations and on-vehicle testing.

Aftertreatment SCR Testing

SwRI's burner-based reactor system in the water-cooled ECTO-Lab

SwRI’s burner-based reactor system provides aftertreatment SCR and catalyst aging services.

We offer accelerated testing and detailed data analysis to help clients evaluate gasoline, natural gas, and diesel aftertreatment systems, including three-way catalysts, diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF), selective catalyst reduction (SCR), aftertreatment SCR, and NOX reduction catalyst. Our testing solutions include:

  • Exhaust Composition Transient Operation Laboratory (ECTO-Lab) – Our ECTO-Lab burner system provides complex analysis for several aftertreatment systems. ECTO-Lab is a critical tool for catalyst aging research and testing, including:
    • Standard bench cycle (SBC) for three-way catalyst (TWC) aging
    • Diesel aftertreatment accelerated aging cycles (DAAAC)
  • Universal Synthetic Gas Reactor (USGR®) – USGR is a catalyst performance testing solution that utilizes bottled synthetic gases to test the cores of catalysts. We use USGR to develop models to make fundamental conclusions based on bench-scale reactors.
  • Dynamometer Testing & On-Vehicle Testing – Aftertreatment systems can be aged and tested on dynos or vehicles for both heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles.

Aftertreatment R&D Services

More than a testing company, SwRI is a leader in advanced science and applied technology for several industries. Our Catalyst and Aftertreatment Research & Development (CARD) helps clients solve many technical challenges in the development of Aftertreatment Technologies. Learn more at the following: