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Security Barrier Testing

Security and perimeter barriers, used in hostile vehicle mitigation, are engineered to protect people and other high-value targets from vehicles by separating pedestrians, buildings and restricted entry facilities with structures that can withstand forced entry and vehicle impacts up to certain speeds. Southwest Research Institute is ISO 17025-accredited through A2LA to perform certification tests on security and perimeter barriers engineered to ASTM 2656 and other U.S. standards. Our security barrier testing facility is located at our 1,200-acre headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.

ASTM F2656 & SD-STD-02.01 (Perimeter Barriers & Gates)

The U.S. State Department recognizes SwRI as an organization qualified to perform the ASTM F2656 and SD-STD-02.01 testing for hostile vehicle mitigation equipment (perimeter barriers and gates) in accordance with their certification standards. This is a test we have been performing since the 1980s, when SwRI helped to develop criterion for the U.S. State Department in response to the bombings of the U.S. Army Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. Those standards evolved into the current ASTM F2656 standard used by the U.S. State Department to evaluate anti-terrorist barriers.

ASTM F3016 (Protection Barriers)

Our accreditation includes testing of barriers, bollards, curbs and other devices installed near storefronts, walkways, government buildings and restricted entry facilities to protect pedestrians and structures.

ASTM F2781 (Security Fence Systems)

Our accreditation includes testing of security fence systems for forced entry, ballistic penetration, and low impact resistance.

Example pictures of a perimeter barrier, storefront barrier, and security barrier

Perimeter barrier ASTM F2656 (left), Storefront barrier ASTM F3016 (center), Security barrier fence ASTM F2781 (right)

Roadside Safety & Security Barrier Testing


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