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Marine Structures & Engineering

The Marine Structures & Engineering Section specializes in design, analysis, fabrication and testing of specialized structures used in the high-load applications often found in marine environments.  Our expertise encompasses the materials knowledge necessary to support life-cycles spent in these highly stressed, corrosive environments.  However, these extreme environments are not only found offshore, but can be found on land-based applications, aerospace structures, and even in space.  As such, our projects involve application of our skill sets in all extreme environments; from deep sea to deep space.

Marine Structures & Engineering Services

  • Structural design, analysis, fabrication & testing
  • Fitness-for-Service
  • Pressure vessel design and fabrication
  • Large-scale/Full-scale structural testing
  • Structure health monitoring
  • Failure analysis
  • Oil & Gas Industry Equipment Testing (API, ASTM, custom)

Marine Structures & Engineering Technical Strengths

  • High fidelity finite element analysis
  • Complex structural static/dynamic testing
    • High Force, High Pressure, Extreme Temperature
  • Large structure fabrication
    • ASME Section VIII, Div. 1, Div. 2, Div. 3 & Repair Stamps
    • ASME Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy (PVHO)
    • Blast containment design and fabrication
    • Custom load frame design and fabrication
  • Navy & SOCOM Manned Submersibles (P9290, NAVSEA, ABS)

Related Services for Marine Structures & Engineering

For more information about marine structures and engineering, please contact Joe Crouch at +1 210 522 4295 or Chris Storey at +1 210 522 3992.