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Marine Structures & Engineering

The Marine & Offshore Systems Section performs systems design, analysis, fabrication and test programs emphasizing the technologies in the marine and offshore petroleum industries. Marine systems design/development capabilities include autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV); remote operated vehicles (ROV), pressure vessels for human occupancy (PVHO) and Deep Ocean pressure vessel, and umbilical design and fabrication. Fabrication experience includes PVHOs, deck decompression chambers, submarine models, and deep ocean pressure vessels. Fabrication codes met include PVHO, ABS, DNV, USCG, ASME (Section VIII, Divisions 1 & 2) and U.S. Navy. Testing services include pressure testing, large-scale/full-scale structural testing, functional/operational testing, and burst/collapse/failure testing.

Marine & Offshore Systems Services

  • Pressure vessel design and fabrication
  • Oil and gas industry support
  • Marine systems

Marine & Offshore Systems Technical Strengths

  • Marine systems — design analysis, development, and testing
  • Large-scale/full-scale structural testing
  • Oilfield equipment testing/failure analysis
  • Pressure vessel design and fabrication
  • Fitness-for-service

Related Services for Marine & Offshore Systems

For more information about marine structures and engineering, please contact Joe Crouch at +1 210 522 4295 or Chris Storey at +1 210 522 3992.