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Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Inspection System

SwRI has developed nuclear reactor pressure vessel materials and welding processes for over 30 years. We have also conducted nuclear power plant inspections around the world. This expertise led SwRI to develop a system for periodic in-service inspections of pressurized water reactor (PWR) vessels used in nuclear power production. Also known as reactor pressure vessels (RPV), these structures are welded with heavy-duty metal to contain nuclear reactor coolant and a reactor core under high pressures.

Our mechanical inspection system is aimed at minimizing human exposure to radiation. It provides ultrasonic inspection of welds in pressure vessels and related piping with the following:

  • Mechanized scanner
  • Ultrasonic transducers
  • Attachments to fit the various geometries of the vessel and nozzles
  • Enhanced data acquisition system (EDAS®) and analysis equipment

In addition, client personnel are trained to:

  • Perform the inspections
  • Reduce outage time
  • Increase plant availability

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