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Power Systems

The Power Systems area specializes in developing custom power converters, RF generators and high speed pulsers for space applications. Our capabilities range from milliwatts to kilowatts for low and high voltage applications, programmable RF generators and high voltage pulsers.

Our low voltage supplies are designed specifically to meeting the customer’s power requirements. Typical converters provide input to output isolation, high efficiency, output redundancy, if required and meet MIL-STD 461EMC requirements.

Power Systems Technical Strengths

Vertically integrated

  • All development work performed by experienced power engineers
  • Magnetic component design and build
  • Circuit simulation
  • Component derating, worst case and reliability analysis
  • Radiation analysis
  • Electrostatic Field analysis
  • Circuit board design
  • Mechanical design and packaging, thermal design
  • IPC-J-STD-001 citified for all soldering operations

Responsive to unique, one-of-a-kind requirements

  • Programmable high voltage outputs (20) for mass spectrometer Instruments
  • Fast stepping supplies with typical settling time in microseconds
  • High voltage pulsers with nano second rise times
  • Multi-output low voltage supplies
  • Other customer defined specifications 

Resources available on site

  • Fully equipped flight fabrication labs
  • Flight unit screening and qualification
  • EMC testing 

Vibration and shock testing 

  • Thermal vacuum testing
  • Radiation analysis 
  • Failure Analysis of electronic components 


  • Microchannel Plates
  • Photomultiplier Tubes
  • Deflection Plates
  • Electrostatic Analyzers
  • Ultraviolet Analyzers
  • Multiphase RF Generator
  • Wide range frequency and voltage RF Generator

High Voltage Optocoupler for Space Applications

The 100SW1502 is a high-voltage optocoupler that was selected for the PIMS, SUDA and MASPEX instruments on NASA’s Europa Clipper Mission to orbit Jupiter.  It was developed to overcome the challenging space environment damaging other devices. Our 10.5 KV, radiation-tolerant optocouplers incorporate a 15KV glass passivated diode, high-current redundant  LED array, a compliant package for thermal tolerance, 15KV internal isolation, Internal ESD protection and a .5-1% current transfer.  The 100SW1602 has more features. Learn more.