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PRObay: Reconfigurable Production Facility

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) offers a new flexible facility, termed “PRObay,” a 3,000-square-foot ESD (electrostatic discharge) workspace that is designed to be easily reconfigured to meet a variety of production and testing requirements. The facility is completely mobile — all the workbenches, assembly and test equipment, storage cabinets and shelving, partitions, network/communication lines and electrical power can easily be moved and reconfigured in less than 30 minutes to meet specific project needs.

This facility offers delivery of fieldable hardware rather than prototypes or engineering models. With manufacturing facilities, equipment, staff and processes in place to transition SwRI designs into deployable equipment, SwRI offers our clients a "one-stop shop" to meet their needs. Providing end-item units also allows us to maintain contact with our clients by providing field support, spares, repairs and upgrades.

Technology transfer services include the transition from design to production, as well as multiple quantity production including:

  • Mechanical fabrication
  • Printed circuit board population
  • Electronics assembly
  • Protective packaging
  • Final surface coatings
  • Specialized testing
  • Performance validation

Laboratory Equipment for the PRObay Reconfigurable Production Facility

Specialized equipment available includes:

  • PWA cleaning system
  • Signal generators
  • Network analyzers
  • Wiring marking station

Recent acquisitions include;

  • Vertical laminar airflow workstation
  • Tenny environmental test chamber
  • Horizontal flow oven
  • Digital imaging video microscope
  • Powder coating equipment

SwRI also plans to acquire a conformal coating station.