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Radiolocation Testing Range

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is recognized as a leader in radio-frequency signal exploitation, tracking, and geolocation system development. The Institute specializes in signal processing for detection and recognition of numerous signals of interest, geolocation using direction finding angle of arrival measurements (triangulation) or time of arrival processing (trilateration), GPS-based tracking systems, super-resolution processing for copy enhancement and co-channel interference reduction, communication network development, and radio propagation analysis for ionospheric and line-of-sight paths. SwRI has a special outdoor field facility, the Radiolocation Testing Range, to support antenna, system, and subsystem testing that is located on 200 acres of land at the SwRI headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.

Radiolocation Testing Range Laboratory Equipment

The SwRI Radiolocation Testing Range includes a 4,000-sq. ft. laboratory and two 70 ft. tall non-conducting towers for mast/tower mounted antenna testing. The antenna range's two tower sites are equipped with automated, remote control equipment to facilitate accurate and efficient data taking. The Institute is capable of handling large antenna arrays spread out over hundreds of meters and can test full systems as well as antennas and subsystems. SwRI has been working in the communications intelligence (COMINT) field since the early 1950s.