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Robotics Engineering

Robotics engineering combines technical areas ranging from embedded electronics to mechanical engineering to machine vision and artificial intelligence. Southwest Research Institute maintains expertise in these and other engineering fields and is structured for project-specific, multi-disciplinary teaming. We work in a wide range of fields including industrial robotics, small tactical robots (ground and aerial), and driverless vehicles. In addition to hardware and software development and system integration, we offer independent testing and evaluation. SwRI also gives back to the robotics community through support for STEM education and participation in robotics-related standards bodies and organizations such as SAE, ASTM, and IEEE.

Robotics Engineering Research & Technology

Automation & Robotics 

Our engineering and software services support large-scale Industrial Robotics & Automation in manufacturing with a focus on automation through perception, sensing and machine learning. SwRI’s Collaborative Robotics Laboratory supports “cobots” and systems that enable industrial robots and humans to operate in the same close spaces. SwRI also manages the ROS-Industrial Consortium, which leverages the open-source Robot Operating System (ROS) to develop industrial automation solutions.

Tactical Robotics, Robotic Systems & Electronics

Our Electronics Systems & Robotics services support design and development of small ground robots (tactical robotics, military robots, and SWAT robots). Key capabilities include electronic and electrical components used in robots and robotics power systems, payloads, and testbed development.

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

SwRI develops enabling technology for driverless vehicles, Automated Driving & UGVs, Unmanned Systems, and Connected Vehicle Technologies for automotive OEMs, manufacturers, and military applications.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our teams support industry and government clients with development of AI and machine learning tools, including deep learning algorithms and integration of software with sensors and perception systems. Learn more:

Unmanned Aerial Systems Engineering 

We support utilities, military, and energy companies, among other industries, with development of Unmanned Aerial Systems, drones, drone software, and complex drone solutions with a focus on automation and machine learning.

Careers in Robotics Engineering 

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