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Slurry Flow Testing

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SwRI has extensive experience designing and operating flow loops to monitor continuous wear on oilfield tools to simulate sand and proppant operations in the oil field.  Erosion research on flow components such as valves, pressure relief valves, regulators, hydraulic fracturing tools, and downhole production equipment, have been performed with the following flow conditions:

  • Concentrations up to 6ppg of sand/proppant (with viscosifier)
  • Concentrations up to 2% by volume of sand/proppant (without viscosifier)
  • Customer specified proppant media, specialty sand, or grain size
  • Sand sizes from 40 mesh down to 320 mesh
  • Flow rates up to 50,000 bpd

The conditions listed above outline some of the flow conditions that the Flow Component Testing Facility meets on a regular basis. If your desired flow conditions fall outside of these, we can design and build a test setup that will work for you.

For more information about slurry flow testing, please contact Christopher Jowers at +1 210 522 4221.