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Life-Cycle Analysis for Transportation Symposium

Nov 03, 2021 to Nov 04, 2021
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About the Symposium

The first annual Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) for Transportation Symposium, taking place one day on Nov. 3, is to showcase various academic, industry, and institutional research efforts on LCA topics. The goal of the Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a vital tool to understand total emissions produced during the manufacture, life, and recycling of a vehicle. A ‘zero’ definition at the tailpipe does not fully capture total cradle-to-grave emissions. With a focus on policy, this symposium is ideally placed to help guide future rulemaking efforts.

Symposium Speakers

Speakers kick off at 9 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time / 8 a.m. U.S. Central Time.

Organization Committee

The Symposium organization committee is represented by a variety of technical perspectives from LCA, alternative fuels, battery technologies and internal combustion engines. Our committee members are:

  • Graham Conway, Ph.D., Southwest Research Institute, Principal Engineer Automotive Propulsion Systems Group Division
  • Kelly Senecal, Ph.D., Convergent Science, Owner and Vice President
  • Stephen Moore, Ph.D., Lithium Power Solution LLC, Owner
  • Robert Wagner, Ph.D., Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Director Buildings and Transportation Science Division
  • Terry Alger, Ph.D., Southwest Research Institute, Director Automotive Propulsion Systems Division
  • Vickey Kalaskar, Ph.D., Southwest Research Institute, Senior Research Engineer, Automotive Propulsion Systems


The event will take place online. Registration is free for this inaugural event. 

Submit questions to Graham Conway, Ph.D., Symposium Chair, or call +1 210 522 5134 for more information.