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Commercial Vehicle Operations

SwRI provides Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) software and support solutions for state and federal transportation agencies. We have a proven track record of supporting Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) initiatives designed to improve safety and freight mobility of our national highways.

Innovative Technology Deployment

Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) was recently renamed Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD). The FMCSA CVO initiative focuses on improving the safety of our nation’s highways by implementing improved credentials administration, electronic screening, and safety information exchange. States provide electronic credentialing capabilities to industry, exchange selected data with other states and FMCSA, and use that data along with dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) vehicle-identification and driver communication.

CVIEW – Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window

CVIEW is the state data exchange component of FMCSA’s CVISN program. CVIEW is a repository and central hub for CVO safety and credentials data, as well as a full information technology solution for data sharing among diverse agencies and stakeholders.

CVIEW Solutions

SwRI has a proven history of efficiently and effectively developing, maintaining and supporting FMCSA-certified client CVIEWs. We developed an FMCSA-certified Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) Data Exchange component (SSDX) that has been leveraged to provide low-cost solutions for multiple clients who use CVIEW.

CVISN Program Management & Support

SwRI has efficiently and effectively guided clients through CVISN Core Compliance and into their Expanded CVISN programs. We have successfully developed and maintained multiple state Program Plan/Top-Level Designs (PP/TLD) and CVISN/ITD grant proposals for our customers with little to no modifications required by FMCSA. Our success in these and other ITS/CVO areas has led to repeat contract awards as well as new work in related areas.

Commercial Vehicle Retrofit Safety Device (CV RSD) Kits

SwRI developed RSD kits to enable commercial vehicles with connected vehicle capabilities for FHWA in support of USDOT’s Safety Pilot. These kits included DSRC radios, GPS systems, user interface devices, safety applications (FCW, EEBL, CSW), and data acquisition systems (DAS).

Freight Advanced Traveler Information Systems (FRATIS)

SwRI developed FRATIS systems engineering requirements and assisted with Concept of Operations development for FHWA to provide technical guidance to regions deploying FRATIS capabilities throughout the nation.

ITS Experience

SwRI pioneered and has been actively engaged in the development, maintenance, integration and support of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for more than 20 years. SwRI engineers have implemented ITS solutions for multiple state departments of transportation, and have a proven track record for developing successful CVISN grant proposals and FMCSA-approved documentation.

Border Safety Inspections & International Crossings

SwRI has developed automated vehicle identification and electronic screening systems for international border crossings and state inspection facilities to expeditiously and efficiently determine which vehicles need to pull in for additional screening and inspection, allowing other “safe” vehicles to continue moving through or bypass facilities avoiding unnecessary delays. The systems also include vehicle routing capabilities for moving vehicles through the facilities safely and quickly. Integrated systems include WIM, OH dim, USDOT-R, LPR, and electronic vehicle tag readers.