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Progress Architecture

The core “application” components of the Progress™ web application are built on the Java platform, known for its ease of development and deployment on multiple platforms, as well as stability and scalability. The extensive libraries included with the Java Development Kit (JDK) include methods for handling network access, database access (via JDBC), file system I/O, multi-threading, and error handling.

There are several web “framework” components that support Progress, including the Apache web server and Tomcat servlet container; both are projects of the Apache Software Foundation and have good reputations in the areas of performance and stability. The Oracle database product provides the database framework component of Progress. Oracle is a reliable, maintainable, and scalable database solution for applications hosting a data store. Recent versions have also improved the backup and recovery process, allowing for easy automation of data backup and improved recovery options, as well as improvements to query capability and database virtualization. Additionally, Progress can be configured to run on a single Oracle database instance or in Oracle’s database cluster environment using Oracle’s Real Application Clusters (RAC) technology.

All software components, whether built in-house or using existing software, can be deployed on Linux, Solaris, or Windows operating systems. These architectures have proven to be stable and easily maintainable. There is a particularly long-term heritage with Linux and Solaris.

Progress was developed using the SwRI Clarity software engineering process.


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