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Progress Cloud Application & Site Licensing

Progress™ is available on a subscription basis, or as a site license.

Cloud Application (hosted by SwRI)

  • The Progress web application is hosted by SwRI as a cloud application for a subscription fee
  • Pricing is based on the requested level of external access 
  • The Progress software engineering team maintains and updates the Progress web application

Site License (hosted by the client)

  • The Progress application is hosted by an external client on their servers
  • SwRI provides installation support
  • The client pays an annual maintenance fee for software updates, patches, and support
  • The client provides a system administrator point of contact for maintenance and updates

Prior to authorizing a site-license installation, or subscription access to the SwRI site, SwRI will confirm that the export/installation/access does not violate U.S. law, that the requesting party is not subject to debarment, or any other export restriction imposed by any agency of the U.S. Government. This also includes a review of U.S organizations.

Progress licensing information is available.


Or call Robert Thorpe at +1 210 522 2848.

This page describes Progress 7.0.