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Road Simulators/Mileage Accumulation Dynamometers

With our 24 road simulators, we conduct rapid, cost-effective, round-the-clock mileage accumulation at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. These chassis dynamometers accommodate most cars and light trucks up to 7,000 pounds, conducting any transient or steady-state driving cycle.

One of our dynamometers offers four-wheel-drive capabilities and supports hybrid vehicle testing under real-world conditions. Four newly installed dynamometers have temperature- and humidity-controlled engine inlet air to ensure consistent operating conditions year-round. An additional high performance dynamometer is capable of supporting vehicles up to 400 horsepower.

We evaluate durability and performance of automotive fluids, fuels, components and emission control systems. Features include transient and steady-state driving cycles, controlled and repeatable tests, side-by-side component comparisons, efficient multiple component testing, convenient and real-time access to test data and the ability to test prototype systems not yet roadworthy.