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Flight software is at the heart of most all modern space instrumentation. SwRI's Space Science Flight Software experience covers a long history of NASA and other missions requiring sophisticated control and operation of instrumentation in flight. Our embedded software is designed to be efficient and comprehensive enough to allow for the full range of operational, calibration and interoperation situations with on-board spacecraft subsystems. Our engineers and staff produce quality controlled software that includes concept models, prototypes, engineering models and flight models.

The process includes a wide array of testing and validation during development including bring-up, vacuum testing, electromagnetic interference (EMI), vibration, in situ simulation and final flight testing to name a few. From individual instruments to complex subsystems, CubeSats to large scale and multi-satellite flight software the Space Science and Engineering Flight Software group provides the programming to make space research a reality by remote control.

Flight Software Services:

  • Concept development (proposal stage)
  • Concept modeling (engineering analysis and estimation)
  • Prototype development (bring-up, hardware testing, hardware verification, operation)
  • Engineering development (bring-up, hardware testing, hardware verification, operation)
  • Flight development (bring-up, hardware testing, hardware verification, operation)
  • Flight Support (on-going testing, simulation, flight support, anomaly eva