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Standard Tests for Offshore Technology

SwRI supports the offshore oil and gas industry with deep-ocean pressure simulation testing services for equipment, pipelines, components, submersibles, insulation, and more. Find the pressure testing category that meets your needs or contact us to develop a custom testing solution.

ASTM Test Procedures

Find the standard for your equipment, products, structures, casings, and more.

  • API/ISO equipment tests
  • Valve tests – API6A, APP.F; API17D; 17E; 17J
  • Tubulars and pipe – API5C3, API5C5, API15HR, API16C
  • Non-metallic – API 15 HR/LR (ASTM D2992, ASTM D2924)
  • Structures and casing

Non-Metallic Material Tests

  • Fiberglass and composites
  • API 15 HR/LR
    • ASTM D2992
    • ASTM D2924
  • Composite housings, risers, vessels
  • Subsea insulation testing (materials service life simulation tests, or coupons, submarine viewport testing; buoyancy materials testing; elastomeric material oilfield fluid exposure testing

Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Test internal and external chambers and perform burst tests. Test under high pressures for safety and performance of deep-sea equipment.

  • Submersible pressure testing
  • Submarine pressure testing
  • Subsea equipment testing (verify, ‘qualify’, FAT)
    • Mux pod assembly pressure testing
    • Riser equipment testing
    • Subsea control module testing
    •  Sea pumps and drive testing
    • Subsea rotor testing
    • Subsea mate/de-mate actuation testing
    • Subsea cable evaluation
      • Temperature, IR, fiber optic, connectivity
      • Sonar array
  • Battery
    • Pressure, charge, discharge, housing
    • Underwater camera housing testing
    • 1 Atmosphere dive suit proof testing

Offshore Product Testing

Test electronics and materials up to 30,000 psi at simulated ocean depths to 67,000 feet.

  • Blowout preventers
  • ROV and submersible robotics
  • Product pods
  • Electrical cable systems, bells, submarines
  • Flotation and buoyancy materials
  • Riser flotation collars
  • Actuator and valve assemblies
  • Hydrophone cables
  • Pressure housings
  • Environmental test systems
  • Temperature shock and temperature cyclic

Marine Services & Products Testing

  • Hydrostatic tests
  • Diving systems
  • Diving
  • Decompression chambers
  • Composite structures
  • Operational system
  • Field test services
  • Component tests
  • Pressure/vacuum tests

Ocean Simulation Facility

  • Live/dead oil release
  • Oil/gas/water flow loops
  • Dispersants, hydrates

Pipeline Integrity Tests

Ensure your offshore pipeline equipment can perform in harsh conditions.

  • OCTG pipe collapse, API 5C3, API 5C5
  • Fatigue and fracture testing to 4 million pounds
  • Downhole and subsea environmental simulation
  • External pressure vessels (90-inch inside diameter, 20-feet deep, 30,000 psig)
  • Sour gas mixtures (H2S, CO2, methane, other downhole combinations)
  • Temperature cycling of downhole connections with high axial loading, internal gas pressure, and internal spray quenching
  • Temperature cycling (high axial loading, internal gas pressure, internal spray quenching)
  • Hose and fitting impulse tests
  • Burst tests
  • On-site, real-time, computer-assisted data collection, reduction, and analysis
  • Custom design, fabrication, and installation of specialized tubular product testing equipment

Structural Testing & Evaluation

Ensure structural integrity of offshore platforms and infrastructure.

  • Large-scale, full-scale testing
  • In situ testing
  • High-load, high elongation
  • Static and dynamic tests
  • Open and closed loop displacement control
  • Stress analysis, fatigue and fracture
  • Residual stress
  • High-pressure, high-load capacity
  • Corrosion in sour gas environments
  • Large, precision models on a special test frame

For more information about standard tests for offshore technology, please contact Joe Crouch at +1 210 522 4295 or Chris Storey at +1 210 522 3992.