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Flow Meter Calibration Services

Flow meter calibration services at our Metering Research Facility cover a wide range of static pressures for all types of commercially available natural gas flow meters. Our flow meter calibration services include research and development for metering and flow measurement equipment used in natural gas pipelines and gas-fired power plants. Our unique MRF facility offers high-pressure and low-pressure flow loops to achieve the highest accuracy when calibrating, designing, and testing gas metering equipment.

Gas Flow Meter Calibrations

SwRI performs gas flow meter calibration with expertise in Coriolis Flow Meter Calibration, Orifice Flow Meter Calibration, Turbine Meter Calibration, and Ultrasonic Meter Calibration. We perform services in our laboratories, but we also offer Natural Gas Measurement Field Services.

Flow Meter Calibration Procedure

Our calibrations typically consist of multiple flow rates (6 to 10) at a single pressure and temperature. At each flow rate, six consecutive 90-second runs are performed to verify meter repeatability. Because critical flow nozzles are used for flow control and measurement, there are discrete flow rates available in either loop based on the nozzle combination.

Flow points specific to your test conditions can be estimated by using the online flow calculator. A standard calibration generally takes two days—the first day for installing the meter, related piping, and secondary instrumentation (pressure and temperature transmitters supplied by MRF) and the second day for the flow test.

Standard flow meter calibrations are typically performed in one of the two legs of the high-pressure loop or in one of the parallel branches of the low-pressure loop. Special piping arrangements to replicate field installations can also be accommodated in the facilities.

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