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Coriolis Flow Meter Calibration

Coriolis flow meter calibration performed with high-pressure natural gas can improve measurement and reduce uncertainty. Although Coriolis meters are accurately calibrated with water by meter manufacturers, that calibration can increase uncertainty when meter operations are transferred to natural gas. The effect of static pressure on the meter calibration can also be a significant source of uncertainty. This is why we perform natural gas flow calibrations at the same operating condition where the Coriolis flow meter will be used.

Coriolis Flow Meter Calibration Services

Coriolis Flow Loop

U-shaped Coriolis Meter calibration

The Metering Research Facility at Southwest Research Institute provides calibration, research and testing services for Coriolis, orifice, turbine and ultrasonic meters.

Meter calibration procedure — Coriolis meter calibrations and tests typically require one day for setup and checkout and half a day for testing. Clients can witness tests in person or monitor remotely. Reports commonly reference AGA Report 11 limits for error and repeatability. Visit Flow Meter Calibration Services to use our online flow calculator.

Coriolis meter manufacturers — We have direct experience with calibrating and testing multiple brands of Coriolis meters and can provide standard or customized testing for your application. Visit Flow Measurement Research Programs to learn how SwRI is helping to advance technology for Coriolis flow meters and other flow measurement systems.

Coriolis Meter Installation & Configuration

Coriolis flow meters directly measure the mass flow rate of fluid in natural gas pipelines. They are known for reducing the uncertainty associated with conventional flow measurement systems. By measuring Coriolis forces, these flow meters reduce the need for fluid property correlations and auxiliary measurements.

While these unique features make Coriolis flow meters attractive, natural gas operators often need assistance with installation, configuration and operations and maintenance. As an industry leader in Coriolis meter research, testing and systems, SwRI provides Coriolis flow meter troubleshooting services to clients around the world.

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