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Engine for Automatic Biomechanical Evaluation (ENABLE™)

The Engine for Automatic Biomechanical Evaluation (ENABLE™) combines Southwest Research Institute’s biomechanical modeling expertise with computer vision and deep learning to develop powerful algorithms that enable accurate, reliable markerless motion capture for a variety of clients.

Following years of internal research and applied client projects, SwRI has introduced the ENABLE markerless biomechanics modeling engine for biomechanical analysis in sports, medicine, research and other human performance applications.

For more information, contact ENABLE or call +1 210 522 2307.

ENABLE Markerless Mocap Overview

man wearing shorts in baseball pitching position with skeleton overlayed

man wearing shorts in baseball swinging position with skeleton overlayed

ENABLE™ markerless biomechanics and digital twin analysis.

  • Eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming marker-based motion capture.
  • Combines state-of-the-art neural network-based algorithms and advanced machine vision with biomechanical modeling in OpenSim to generate accurate and reliable human movement assessments.
  • ENABLE integrates with many commercial motion capture systems.
  • General user interface provides camera control, biomechanical analysis and batch processing capabilities.
  • Can be customized to enhance performance for particular environments and movements and to generate reports specific to your needs.

Human Performance & Biomechanics in the Natural World

ENABLE can be used for both human performance and biomechanical analysis in all types of environments and is not restricted to laboratory investigations. ENABLE uses standard synchronized video to produce accurate biomechanical results without the need for markers, custom lighting, or custom cameras. Learn more about SwRI’s ENABLE markerless biomechanics features and licensing:

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