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ENABLE™ Capabilities & Licensing

The Engine for Automatic Biomechanical Evaluation (ENABLE™) is a markerless biomechanics analysis tool developed by Southwest Research Institute. It combines novel AI algorithms with OpenSim biomechanical modeling to generate accurate and reliable human movement assessments. The result is a powerful and accurate markerless motion capture (mocap) solution that fuses neural network AI with cameras and an open-source modeling framework.

graphical user interface for enable software

SwRI’s ENABLE graphic user interface (GUI) is an optional feature. Images on left are raw data of athlete performance. Images on right depict kinematics from video inputs.

Demonstration License

A 30-day demonstration version of ENABLE is available at no cost to evaluate the general capabilities of the software. This is a reduced capability version with limits on the number of random variables and only allows analytical functions. 

What do clients get when they invest in ENABLE?

  • ENABLE uses custom machine vision algorithms combined with advanced deep learning developed by SwRI to accurately measure human movement from video. SwRI licenses its ENABLE AI-powered biomechanics engine, which provides biomechanics characterization and data outputs from human movement captured by synchronized video cameras.
  • ENABLE’s AI engine leverages OpenSim to convert video of human motion into highly reliable and accurate markerless biomechanics data. A subject specific OpenSim model is automatically generated.
  • ENABLE can integrate into a variety of commercial motion capture systems, custom solutions or used with a basic SwRI developed graphical user interface.

What are the benefits of an AI mocap engine with open modeling?

  • ENABLE is based on patented and proprietary machine vision and AI algorithms featured in published research by SwRI, a leader in biomechanical engineering, machine vision, artificial intelligence and computer science.
  • ENABLE integrates with OpenSim modeling so users can access biomechanics resources and tools from the open-source community.
  • ENABLE allows users to utilize a generic OpenSim model provided with the engine or the use of custom OpenSim models specific to their application. ENABLE utilizes a proven framework for biomechanics and kinematics analysis used in academic research and applied sport science.
  • ENABLE does not limit what biomechanical data is available to users. ENABLE users have access to all raw data to facilitate custom analyses for their application specific needs.

What are the ENABLE licensing and subscription options?

  • An ENABLE AI engine license provides all the necessary capabilities without the need for licenses from third party software
  • Both commercial and academic licensing options
  • System customization options available
  • Contact us for pricing information and system customization options

ENABLE Engine Requirements and Capabilities

  • Requirements
    • Synchronized video from at least two cameras
    • Nvidia GPU with 2Gb of memory
    • Windows or Linux operating system
  • Capabilities
    • Perform intrinsic and extrinsic calibration
    • Process videos from single take or batch process whole capture sessions
    • Perform biomechanical tracking and analyses of collected motion
  • Outputs
    • Scaled OpenSim model
    • 3D triangulated and biomechanically constrained points
    • Inverse kinematics results
    • Six DOF transformation matrices of each body segment
    • Videos of 3D model overlaid on original video
    • Data saved in OpenSim format for visualization using OpenSim GUI

For more information, contact ENABLE or call +1 210 522 2307.

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