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ENABLE™ Video Demonstrations

Southwest Research Institute developed the Engine for Automatic Biomechanical Evaluation (ENABLE™) to be used by clients in sports, medicine, military and other human performance applications. The following videos provide examples of kinematics and biomechanics used to assess human performance applications, including return to service, gait analysis and motion mechanics.

Biomechanics Analysis with Markerless Motion Capture

ENABLE provides markerless motion capture for biomechanics analysis of human motion across multiple athletic disciplines and human performance applications.

Quantitative Analysis of Free-throw Shot Performance

  • Individualized biomechanics of “makes” vs “misses”
  • Automatic quantitative biomechanics
  • Quantify intuitive observations (qualitative data) for benchmarking and measuring performance






Gait Kinematics Before and After Knee Replacement

This video provides a benchmark of a subject’s gait before and after total knee replacement surgery.

  • Quantifiable increase in knee flexion and knee angle after surgery
  • Greater knee extension during stance phase after surgery and less lateral sway post-surgery





Baseball Pitching

  • Example data that can be extracted from baseball pitching kinematic analysis
  • Provides information on the kinematic sequencing of body segments to determine potential energy leaks along the kinetic chain





Soccer Techniques

  • Functional movement analysis
  • Penalty kick techniques and tendencies
  • Movement screenings with minimal setup







For more information, contact ENABLE or call +1 210 522 2307.

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