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Corrosion Testing Laboratory

Corrosion testing characterizes the corrosive effect of the environment (including exposure to liquids, salts, microbes and gases) on metallic, polymer, and ceramic surfaces under certain operating conditions. Understanding materials corrosion is a critical step in materials selection and qualification for oil and gas pipelines and facilities, automotive and aerospace components, and roadways, bridges, and other infrastructure. The corrosion testing laboratories at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) help clients characterize material for use in corrosive environments from aerospace to deep sea. More than just a testing lab, SwRI is a leader in applied R&D. Our corrosion scientists and engineers help clients worldwide develop corrosion-resistant materials and coatings for operation in the harshest environments.

Accelerated Corrosion Testing R&D

Exposing materials to operational conditions is the most accurate way to test for corrosion susceptibility. However, this approach can be cost-prohibitive and impractical. As an alternative, SwRI offers accelerated corrosion testing services in accordance with industry standards and regulations for several industries.

Corrosion Testing Methods

Visit Standardized Corrosion Testing and Salt Spray Test Services for detailed list of our accelerated corrosion testing methods, including ASTM, NACE, API, SAE J2334, and GM 9540P; NORSOC; MIL-Standards and more.

  • Specialty Testing & Research – Specialized testing is a key strength of our corrosion laboratories and an important part in helping our clients advance their capabilities through applied research and development. To develop custom corrosion test configurations and environments under very specific conditions, please contact James Dante or call +1 210 522 5458.

Oil and Gas Corrosion

Carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), water, and brine content are common causes of corrosion problems in the oil and gas industry. We provide High-Temperature & High Pressure Testing in support of downhole drilling, refinery, and pipeline applications. Clients use data for materials selection and component design. We have developed corrosion testing services and facilities for:

Automotive Corrosion Testing and Aerospace Corrosion

We provide cyclic salt fog testing according to both ASTM and Military specifications. Visit Standardized Corrosion Testing for automotive and aerospace applications, including SAE J2334, GM 9540P (and other automotive specs) and ASTM B117 Salt Fog Testing.

Electrochemical & Microbial Corrosion Research

At its core, corrosion is the result of electrochemical processes. By measuring the electrochemical characteristics of corrosion, our staff helps clients understand corrosion mechanisms in many environments. Knowledge gained from our applied corrosion research has been used to develop improved fit for purpose tests and to help clients design improved products.

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