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NESSUS Overview

NESSUS is a general purpose probabilistic analysis program typically applied to predict the reliability and/or probabilistic response of complex structural or mechanical systems in engineering applications.

Licenses can be purchased online with a credit card. After entering your registration information, you will be directed to a page to enter your credit card data.

Intended Usage

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Probabilistic and Reliability Predictions

Download Requirements

  • Authenticity of requesting party will be verified by matching company/university/organization name and address to the email address.
  • NESSUS licenses will not be sent to free email accounts such as yahoo or gmail. See Export and Domestic Control Statement below.
  • Choose the agreement you wish to purchase and fill in the registration information.
  • Once the registration has been completed and the license agreement accepted, SwRI will review for debarment or export restrictions prior to sending a license key and download instructions to the email address provided.

Export and Domestic Control Statement

Prior to authorizing a download of this software, SwRI will confirm that the export does not violate U.S. law, that the requesting party is not subject to debarment or any other export restriction imposed by any agency of the U.S. Government. This also includes a review of U.S organizations.

Licenses Available

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Computer Network Security and Vulnerability Scanning

Southwest Research Institute's NESSUS probabilistic analysis software does NOT perform computer network security scanning.

You may be looking for the "Nessus" software from Tenable Network Security (