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COVID-19 Protocols for 2022 Automotive Corrosion Symposium

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We have all experienced the changing and still fluid work practices brought about as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, we are now able to hold the Automotive Corrosion Symposium (March 31-April 1, Detroit, MI) in person and to benefit from the personal interactions afforded. We continue, however, to be mindful of the remaining risks and are working to minimize them in a manner that can accommodate the different company requirements for travel. Below are our recommended practices:

  1. Frequent Hand Sanitation: Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the conference space.
  2. Masks: There is no mask mandate for the Symposium. However, we request that individual participants follow any and all mask mandates and other travel guidelines as outlined by their company. We encourage all participants to be mindful of the desires of colleagues during social interactions. A limited number of masks will be available at the registration desk.

For more information, please visit the Automotive Corrosion Symposium page, submit questions to SwRI Automotive Corrosion or call +1 210 522 5458 for more information.