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ActiveITS System Overview

ActiveITS™ is an advanced traffic management system (ATMS) developed by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). With more than 50 deployments ranging from 6 to 2,000 field devices working in both rural and urban environments, the system provides a scalable solution for state and local transportation agencies.

ATMS Features & Functionality

PTZ cameras

Users simultaneously view and PTZ cameras without a second monitor or window using video on desktop.

  • Encompasses 40+ modules – including advanced decision support.
  • Manages more than 60 ITS field device protocols – supports all NTCIP protocols and most standard ITS devices off-the-shelf.
  • Runs in cloud-hosted, local-hosted or virtualized environments.
  • Has open, modular and easily extensible architecture.
  • Remains highly configurable with granular user and device permissions and security.
  • Can maintain 99.9%+ uptime.
  • Includes cost-effective maintenance.
  • Streamlines incident management operations with automated incident detection and event management response plans that can be activated and displayed across numerous devices in under a minute.
  • Provides archiving and more than 80 reports to enable performance measures-based oversight of event management operations, ITS field equipment maintenance, service patrol and other ATMS functions.
  • Supports open, non-proprietary data exchanges, and interfaces that allow for information sharing, data aggregation for traveler information services and easy integration of new field devices and new data interfaces.
  • Contains connected vehicle functionality, including ingesting of basic safety messages and generating speed data, traveler information messages and the new basic infrastructure message (BIM).
Highlights of ActiveITS Functionality graph

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