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ActiveITS Advanced Traffic Management System

Southwest Research Institute’s ActiveITS™ advanced traffic management system (ATMS) supports state transportation departments and local agencies involved in management of vehicular traffic and emergency response. ActiveITS supports multiple entities, including department of transportation (DOT) deployments, city and county governments, toll agencies, and other agencies.

Traffic Management Software Solutions

ActiveITS is a mature, stable, standards-based platform that supports clients’ current needs while also providing an extensive decision support system (DSS), ramp metering, truck parking, connected vehicle (CV) integration, as well as extensive support of partners and third-parties, traffic signal system support and a wide range of device protocol support.

Deployment sizes range from smaller-scale systems with less than 10 devices to large urban regions with thousands of devices. The SwRI-developed ActiveITS technology is a proven, stable platform with virtually no downtime, running in clustered, virtual and cloud-hosted configurations.

Real-Time Traffic, Safety & Weather Information

ActiveITS provides coordinated real-time traffic, safety and weather information to motorists and enables collaboration between traffic managers and other agencies on accidents, construction and traffic flows.

SwRI is a premier provider of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and ATMS solutions, with more than 25 years of experience developing, deploying, maintaining and supporting ATMS software in more than 50 traffic management centers nationally.

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