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Tractor Fluid Testing

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Tractors around the world operate with lubricants that have undergone development testing by SwRI. Testing is conducted on John Deere, New Holland and CASE tractors. SwRI performs a wide variety of both standardized and specialty fluid laboratory testing.

Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Testing

John Deere J20 specifications for tractor hydraulic fluid require satisfactory performance of lubricants in tests that simulate severe duty of farm tractor and industrial equipment components.

JDQ-84 Dynamic Corrosion Sauer-Danfoss Pump Test

This test screens fluids that cause corrosion of copper-containing metals in high-pressure pumps. A Sauer-Danfoss 90 Series axial piston pump is operated for 25 hours at 3,000 psi. Water is then added to the test fluid over the course of one hour. The output pressure of the pump is increased to 5,500 psi and maintained at that pressure for another 199 hours.

JDQ-94 Powershift Transmission Clutch Friction Test

This test assesses the effects of tractor hydraulic fluids on wet clutch capacity, dynamic friction coefficient, and clutch disc wear. A 200 hp John Deere engine drives a modified John Deere 4850 15-speed powershift transmission, loaded by an eddy current dynamometer. A typical test cycle consists of eight seconds of slipping the clutch at high dynamometer load and engine power. At the end of the test, three engine stall tests are performed.

JDQ-102A Shear Stability

Formerly known as JDQ-102 Shear Stability, this test determines the shear stable viscosity of a tractor hydraulic fluid. Using a diesel injection pump and 6 fuel injectors for a John Deere 6466 engine, the fluid is circulated under high pressure through the fine orifices of the injectors. This test is also used to prepare a fluid for the JDQ-95 spiral bevel/final drive wear test.

JDQ-95 Spiral Bevel/Final Drive Wear Test

This 50-hour test evaluates how effectively tractor hydraulic fluids protect the spiral bevel gears from scoring and the final drive planetary reduction gears from surface distress and wear. A John Deere engine and powershift transmission drives an industrial axle housing the test gears. A pair of high torque dynamometers provide load.

JDQ-96B Torque Variation and Brake Friction Retention Test

A John Deere 1400 series industrial axle equipped with annular wet disk brakes is used for the test axle. The brake chatter test consists of 30,000 brake engagements. After 1,000, 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 brake engagements, a series of brake chatter tests are performed at different wheel speeds, brake pressures and temperatures.

JDQ-102B Shear Stability

Formally known as John Deere Hydraulic Pump Shear Stability, this 48-hour test uses a Sauer-Danfoss 90 series axial piston pump to circulate fluid across a hydraulic relief valve to determine the shear stable viscosity of a tractor hydraulic fluid. This test is also used to prepare a fluid for the JDQ-95A Spiral Bevel Gear Wear test.

JDQ-95A Spiral Bevel Gear Wear

This 50-hour test evaluates how effectively a tractor hydraulic fluid protects the spiral bevel gear set from distress. An electric motor drives the front axle center section from a John Deere 8000 series tractor with independent link suspension, and a pair of high torque dry brake dynamometers provides the load.

John Deere High Energy Clutch (HECT)

This test assesses the effects of tractor hydraulic fluids on the degradation of dynamic friction coefficient and clutch disk wear. The test uses a modified driveline from a John Deere 7000 series tractor with a “PowrReverser” transmission. A typical test cycle consists of fixing the driveline output and slipping the clutch for several seconds before releasing the output to spin freely and cool the transmission. This cycle is repeated 2,000 times using the forward clutches.

John Deere TZT Oxidation

This 400-hour test determines the oxidation resistance, thermal stability and corrosion protection characteristics of fluids. The test is conducted with an electric motor-driven hydrostatic transmission from a John Deere zero-turn mower.

Tractor Fluids Specification Testing

Specifications for tractor hydraulic fluids require satisfactory performance in gear wear protection, independent power take off (IPTO) and powershift clutch capacity, and brake chatter protection.

In addition to tractor hydraulic fluid testing, SwRI provides hydraulic fluid testing to determine the anti wear properties of hydraulic fluids.

Tractor Field Tests

SwRI provides tractor field tests on a wide range of tractors including John Deere, New Holland and CASE.

Custom Tractor Testing

In addition to standardized tractor test specifications, SwRI performs bespoke tractor testing, or custom tractor testing, including:  drive cycle testing utilizing high torque dynamometers, cold weather simulations utilizing our large cold chamber, and much more. Custom test plans can be devised and quoted on request. 

For questions about this testing, please contact Rebecca Warden at +1 210 522 6266.