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Advanced Payload Processing

Enabling State-of-the-Art Remote Sensing and In-situ Investigations Through Advanced Payload Processing Solutions

As an Institution with extensive space instrumentation and mission payload development experience, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) understands the unique requirements of payload management. Today’s advanced payloads represent increasing challenges in power conditioning and distribution, data processing, fault isolation and management, and multi-level security. Modern payload systems span the full spectrum from ultra-low power, low noise systems for precision scientific measurements to extremely sophisticated systems with high data rates and large data volumes consistent with advanced remote sensing and data acquisition payloads.

SwRI payload processing solutions include complete turnkey systems for controlling precision optical, electrostatic, time of flight and RF payloads.

Specific Capabilities of SwRI’s Payload Interface Solutions

  • Input data rates up to 25 Gbps
  • Digital data output rates up to 20 Gbps
  • Data processing capabilities of up to 3200 DMIPS
  • Analog signal acquisition for multiple sensors with bandwidths up to 3.2 GHz each
  • Real-time processing for 1-D and 2-D compression/data reduction
  • Data storage of up to 4 Tb supporting flow through and store and forward architectures
  • Flexible payload interfaces including RS-422, LVDS, SpaceWire, CameraLink, and 10/100 Ethernet
  • Advanced focal plane array interfacing (SpW, LVDS and H2RG)
  • Command and telemetry interfacing via MIL-STD-1553B, SpaceWire, RS-422, LVDS, and 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Low-voltage output power distribution for +5 V, +/-12 V, and +28 V
  • High-voltage bias outputs from 200 V to 10 kV
  • Precision closed loop control for 1 axis and 2 axis mechanisms 

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