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Spacecraft Avionics

Enabling Next Generation LEO, GEO, and Deep Space Missions

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is a recognized leader in providing high-reliability spacecraft avionics for diverse mission applications ranging from low-cost, responsive small and micro-satellite platforms to long duration deep space systems.

Spacecraft avionics provide the critical command and data handling (CDH), communications (Comm), electrical power system (EPS), and attitude control and determination (ADCS) systems required to enable a diverse set of scientific, commercial, and government mission objectives.

SwRI spacecraft avionics support this diverse user community through a flexible, scalable, and high-reliability avionics family that provides both turnkey solutions as well as individual modules augmenting and extending the capability of existing spacecraft platforms.

Full Spectrum of Spacecraft Command and Control

  • Single string or redundant configurations (cold spare, warm backup, hot-hot operation)
  • Scalable from short-duration demonstration class small and micro-satellites through long-duration deep space and GEO spacecraft
  • Advanced PowerPC- and LEON-based processing solutions providing up to 3200 DMIPS in computational performance
  • Built-in safe mode processing capabilities
  • Analog signal acquisition for multiple sensors of up to 3.2GHz each
  • Electrical Power Systems suitable for power subsystems from 50W to 4KW in both DET and PPT configurations
  • Plethora of diverse interface capabilities including RS-422, I2C, LVDS, SpaceWire, and 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Mass memory storage of up to 4Tb
  • Analog sensor acquisition for up to 300+ sensors
  • Power switching for up to 130 loads
  • Closed loop spacecraft thermal management
  • ADCS sensors including star trackers, magnetometers, IMUs, and sun sensors
  • ADCS effectors including reaction wheels, torque rods, thrusters and latch valves, as well as ion propulsion 

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