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Solid State Recorders

Mission Critical On-Orbit Data Management for High-Reliability Applications

Today's advanced remote sensing technology produces vast amounts of data that require on-orbit management and storage to support both real-time decision making and data storage between downlink contacts. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) provides data management capabilities through our flexible solid-state recorder systems (SSRs). The SSRs provide a wide array of capabilities to accommodate a variety of data management requirements in terms of density, data rates, sensor channels, and data integrity. A core feature of the SSR technology is ease of integration, facilitating the addition of advanced data management with minimal impact to the overall system architecture.

The core building block is SwRI's CompactPCI based multi-mission mass memory module (M4) available in 3U, 6U and custom factors. These modules provide standalone data management solutions and form the basis of our turnkey solid-state recorder box solutions.

File management is an integral element to SwRI’s SSR technology. The file system provides ease of access for any data in the SSR. Configuring the SSR, including partitions and data processing, as well as, data retrieval, erasing, and downlinking, is streamlined through the file system interface.

Features of SwRI’s Solid State Recorder (SSR) Technology

  • Aggregate input data rates up to 25 Gbps
  • Digital data output rates up to 20 Gbps
  • Up to 1.5 Tb on a single 6U mass-memory module (single extended 3U provides up to 500 Gb)
  • Scalable to provide up to 12 Tb of radiation tolerant memory storage
  • Multiple redundancy approaches
    • Fully block redundant (either externally or internally within a single enclosure)
    • Selective internal redundancy for maximum data integrity
    • Hot/warm spare backup utilizing a novel architecture to provide true single point tolerance without block redundancy
  • Adaptable input and output data interfaces:
    • Aurora
    • SERDES
    • CompactPCI
    • Ethernet (10/100/1000 Base T)
    • SpaceWire
    • Synchronous Serial (LVDS, RS-422)
    • CameraLink
  • Optional CCSDS formatting available to support direct connection to downlink transmitter

Learn more about the SwRI patented high-speed flash memory system for use on satellites.

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