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Atmospheric Deposition

Atmospheric deposition uses plasma to deposit coatings and thin films at atmospheric pressure onto the surface of a part. Southwest Research Institute provides research and development services to advance atmospheric deposition technology used in the following:

  • Atmospheric Plasma Deposition
  • Spray Coating Deposition
  • Screen Printing
  • Spin Coating Deposition
  • Dip Coating Deposition

Atmospheric Deposition for Coatings & Thin Films

SwRI provides atmospheric deposition and atmospheric plasma services for a variety of applications across several industries. As an applied research and development organization, we also help to advance the state of atmospheric deposition technology through applied research. Our deposition and research services include:

  • Atmospheric Deposition
  • Silica nanoparticle spray coating
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
    • surface cleaning
    • sterilization
    • surface functionalization/chemical modification
    • synthesis of nanoparticles
    • synthesis of novel polymeric materials
    • deposition of thin film coatings
      • Metallic coatings (Ti, Cu, Al, and alloys such as Ti6Al4V, Stainless Steel, CoCrMo)
      • Organic coatings (Carbon-based coatings, SiOx coatings)

Read Technology Today to learn about atmospheric plasmas, including HiPIPS, or High Power Impulse Plasma Source, which generates coatings with low-temperature plasmas and atmospheric pressures.

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