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ATMS Connected Vehicle Module Integration


To support the demonstrations for the 2011 ITS World Congress and the long-term goals of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Connected Vehicle Affiliated Testbed, SwRI enhanced the FDOT SunGuide® software to support connected vehicle functionality. This modification enabled demonstrations of state-of-the-art connected vehicle systems as well as backwards compatibility and interoperability with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) testbed.


The SunGuide software, a highly modular architecture, facilitates the deployment of various sets of functionality at a number of different control centers with each having a slightly different concept of operations. To ensure consistency with this architecture, a connected vehicle subsystem was added to SunGuide to support data collection from vehicles via roadside equipment and to utilize this data in traffic flow analysis, incident detection algorithms, and automated travel time updates. Traveler information is then transmitted by SunGuide to the vehicles via the roadside equipment to support FDOT's typical incident management and traveler information operational needs.

Key Elements Supporting Interoperability of the FDOT Connected Vehicle Subsystem

  • Support for SAE J2735 message set (2009-11 and VII POC versions):
    • Probe vehicle data
    • Basic safety message
    • Traveler information message
  • Center-to-center data exchange
  • Service delivery node support to facilitate communication with other Affiliated Testbeds


The enhancement of the SunGuide software to support connected vehicle functionality enabled numerous successful demonstrations at the 2011 ITS World Congress in Orlando, FL. It has also allowed FDOT to deploy and test connected vehicle applications to support the long-term goals of the FDOT Connected Vehicle Affiliated Testbed and the vision of a fully deployed connected vehicle system.