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NASGRO® Fracture Mechanics & Fatigue Crack Growth Software

NASGRO is a suite of computer programs used to analyze fracture and fatigue crack growth (FCG) in structures and mechanical components. The software is developed jointly by Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) under a Space Act Agreement, with additional support from the NASGRO Consortium and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). NASGRO is the most widely used fracture mechanics and FCG software in the world today, including many applications for aircraft, spacecraft, rotorcraft, gas turbine engines, pressure vessels, and other structural components.

NASGRO consists of integrated modules with user-friendly graphical interfaces that:

  • Calculate stress intensity factors
  • Calculate crack growth life and critical crack size
  • Store, retrieve, and curve-fit FCG and fracture toughness data

More information about NASGRO features and capabilities is available here.

NASGRO group being inducted into Space Technology Hall of Fame
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The current production version of NASGRO is 10.2 (released on November 3, 2023). More information about this release and new features in other recent versions is available here.  A PDF flyer describing the current version can be downloaded here. A webinar about NASGRO 10.2 can be viewed here.

Live virtual NASGRO training courses are taught several times each year. Training courses can also be organized for specific clients, virtually or in person at client sites in the U.S. or other countries.

NASGRO is available for commercial licensing.  NASA, FAA, ESA, and Consortium users can receive royalty-free licenses.

Consortium participants and other authorized users can download the software and other documents through this secure portal.  Users can report bugs or provide other feedback through this website.

For more information about NASGRO, contact Craig McClung at +1 210 522 2422 or Joe Cardinal at +1 210 522 3323. Join the mailing list to receive occasional notices about new versions and training courses.

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