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NASGRO® Consortium Information

The NASGRO Consortium is a group of companies that provide sustaining guidance and support for NASGRO development. Consortium participants identify and prioritize desired new NASGRO capabilities while providing a stable revenue stream to accelerate NASGRO enhancements.

The Consortium is organized in three-year cycles. Participating companies make a three-year financial commitment with the option to renew at the end of each cycle. The first NASGRO Consortium cycle began in 2001, and the seventh cycle (2019-2022) has just begun. New participants are still being accepted for this new cycle through early 2020. Companies can participate at a single geographical site, two sites, or an unlimited number of sites (with a substantial discount on participation fees).

A list of the Cycle 7 Consortium participants (2019-2022) is provided here.

Benefits of Consortium Participation

  • Site license(s) for the current version of NASGRO
  • Automatic upgrades to new NASGRO versions as they are released
  • Exclusive access to developmental (alpha and beta) versions
  • Technical support from the NASGRO team by phone/email as needed
  • Direct input on the selection of new NASGRO capabilities and methods
  • Discounted tuition for NASGRO training courses conducted at SwRI
  • Interaction with peer organizations and leading technical experts in fracture mechanics and structural integrity analysis
  • Formal recognition as a sustaining NASGRO partner

Consortium Participation Fees

NASGRO Consortium participation fees for the seventh cycle (2019-2022) are as follows:

  • A company using NASGRO at a single site pays $28,000 annually
  • A company using NASGRO at two sites pays $56,000 annually
  • A company using NASGRO at three or more sites worldwide pays $69,500 annually

SwRI reserves the right to make all final determinations of participant classification (e.g., definitions of “sites”).


Or call Craig McClung at +1 210 522 3323 for more information about Consortium participation.