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NASGRO® Licensing

NASGRO is licensed and distributed by SwRI under the terms of a Space Act Agreement between SwRI and NASA.

Commercial Licenses

Commercial single-seat and site licenses are available. The standard cost of a perpetual, single-seat license (one user) is $4,400 (USD) for customers in the United States and many overseas countries. However, special pricing arrangements may apply for non-US customers depending on country [in particular, mainland China (PRC) and India]. Site licenses allow an unlimited number of users at a single geographic site. Please contact Joe Cardinal (+1 210 522 3323) at SwRI for a specific quote.

Technical support is provided at no cost for a period of one (1) year from the date on the signed license agreement and includes bug fixes for the licensed version of NASGRO. New versions of NASGRO will require purchasing a new license for that version.

SwRI has distributed more than 1000 single-seat commercial licenses and 61 site licenses to users in many different industries in more than 30 countries since 2002.

Royalty-Free Licenses

Royalty-free licenses are available to the following organizations:

  • NASA
  • NASA Contractors (for use on NASA-owned hardware only)
  • FAA
  • FAA Contractors (for use on FAA contracts only)
  • European Space Agency (ESA)
  • ESA Contractors (for use on ESA-owned hardware only)
  • Current Participants in the NASGRO Consortium

Employees of these organizations should contact Joe Cardinal or Craig McClung for further information.

Single-site NASGRO licenses are also available at no charge to active consultant FAA Structural Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) with Damage Tolerance approval authorization. To obtain this license, join the mailing list, indicate in the comments box that you are an FAA Damage Tolerance DER, and provide your Designee Number. A license agreement will be sent to you for your signature. Upon return receipt of the signed license agreement, you will receive instructions for obtaining the software. If you are a "company" DER, your company will need to purchase a NASGRO license at the usual commercial rate.


Or call +1 210 522 3323.