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Carbon Capture Summit USA

Oct 23, 2023 to Oct 24, 2023
Houston, TX, United States
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SwRI will be exhibiting at the Carbon Capture Summit USA, booth no. 3.

SwRI is an independent, nonprofit, applied R&D organization headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. We specialize in many areas of research, including chemical engineering. We accelerate process development with the design, building, and operation of pilot plants. We conduct proof-of-concept processing experiments, operate our standard refinery pilot plants to produce test quantities of fuels or refinery products, help our clients troubleshoot and optimize sustainable chemical and petroleum processes, and independently test samples for the oil and gas industry.

Please join us for the following presentation:

Monday, Oct. 23
2:30 p.m. – 2:55 p.m.
“Turbomachinery-Based Cryogenic CO2 Capture for Separating CO2 from Gas Steam,” Douglas Hofer

Presenting the technical feasibility and economics of the turbomachinery-based cryogenic CO2 capture system:

  • System using a multiphase condensing turbine expansion causing the CO2 to condense as solid dry ice
  • Process doesn’t require condensation within a heat exchanger, thus avoiding challenges with the buildup of dry ice
  • A scalable concept that can be applied to a wide range of power generation and industrial applications


For more information, please contact Eloy Flores.