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Fundamentals of Supercritical CO2

Jul 13, 2022
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Free Webinar: Fundamentals of Supercritical CO2

Join us Wednesday, July 13, 2022, at 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m. (U.S. Central Time)

Hosts: Jason Wilkes, Ph.D.

The recent interest to use supercritical CO2 (sCO2) in power cycle applications over the past decade has resulted in a large amount of literature that focuses on specific areas related to sCO2 power cycles in great detail. Such focus areas are demonstration test facilities, heat exchangers, turbomachinery, materials, and fluid properties of CO2 and CO2 mixtures, to name a few. As work related to sCO2 power cycles continues, more technical depth will be emphasized in each focus area, whereas those unfamiliar with the topic are left to undertake the large task of understanding fundamentals on their own.

This webinar introduces using sCO2 in power cycle applications, aimed at those who are unfamiliar, or only somewhat familiar with the topic. This webinar includes a brief review of CO2 and its current industrial uses, a primer on thermodynamic power cycles, an overview of supercritical CO2 power cycle applications and machinery design considerations, and a summary of some of the current research and future trends.

For more information, please contact Dorothea Martinez.