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Hydrogen Technology North America

Jun 28, 2023 to Jun 29, 2023
Houston, TX, United States
Hydrogen Technology North America event logo

SwRI will be exhibiting at the Hydrogen Technology North America, booth no. 1180. 

SwRI is a premier independent, nonprofit research and development organization. We offer multidisciplinary services leveraging advanced science and applied technologies across the hydrogen economy. Since 1947, we have provided solutions for some of the world’s most challenging scientific and engineering problems.

Please join us for the following:

Wednesday, June 28

“Improving Standardization of Component Reliability Testing for Hydrogen-fueled Vehicles,” Jacqueline Manders
3:55 p.m. – 4:20 p.m.
Low-Carbon Fuels and Propulsion Track

In this presentation, SwRI will highlight the difficulties and challenges associated with performing one of the GTR-13 standard tests to show the level of complexity and investment that would be required by industry to meet the standard if it became a regulation. Specific challenges of conducting the GTR-13 test procedures will be discussed, with an emphasis on how to work safety with high-pressure hydrogen in a lab environment.

For a preview on this topic, please see our related press release: SwRI tests durability of fuel tank valves for hydrogen-powered vehicles

Thursday, June 29

Veshal Venkat will moderate the Low-Carbon Fuels and Propulsion track.

For more information, please contact Angel WilemanEloy Flores, or Michael Ross.