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NASGRO Training Course

Aug 01, 2023 to Aug 09, 2023
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Live Virtual NASGRO Training Course 

A live virtual NASGRO training course is scheduled for August 1-9, starting at 12:30 pm US Central Daylight Time each day and finishing around 4:30 or 5:00 pm (some days will go a little longer or shorter).

Content is presented over five different days for about four hours each day. The lectures and NASGRO demonstrations are presented using WebEx, and the hands-on student exercises can be performed using NASGRO installed on a virtual computer in the cloud (each student will have secure access). This cloud-based service allows the instructors to “look over the shoulder” of individual students and provide personalized help when someone has difficulties. Students will also be given access to a free short-term demo copy of NASGRO that they can install on their own computer for additional practice. A PDF copy of the presentation charts will be provided to the students.

The registration fee for this course is $1,750 ($875 for employees of companies participating in the NASGRO Consortium).

To register, contact Alberta “Birdie” Matthews at +1 210 522 3076. Registration will be confirmed only after receipt of payment. Several methods of payment are accepted, including credit cards via a secure registration portal.

For more information about NASGRO training at SwRI, contact Craig McClung.