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Small Satellite Conference

Aug 05, 2023 to Aug 10, 2023
Logan, UT, United States
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SwRI will be exhibiting at the 37th Annual Small Satellite Conference, booth no. 50.

SwRI was founded in 1947 as a nonprofit scientific R&D organization to provide services to both industrial and government clients. During the past four decades, the space industry has seen steady and metered progress, in which SwRI earned a perfect track record of no on orbit failures. Five years ago, SwRI’s Space Systems Directorate recognized the advent of commercial space would provide disruptive capabilities that would revolutionize the space industry. SwRI committed to a strategic plan and culture that would blend the best of their past experience with the innovation of new space enterprises. SwRI incorporated digital design and manufacture for producibility into our core business. We recently added a 75,000 sq ft facility to our main campus with a focus on providing responsive space capabilities. The facility boasts the required elements of full satellite test and integration, from concept to launch, ultimately at substantially reduced times.

For more information, please contact Thomas Rose.