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Clarity - Benefits

Key Benefits of Clarity include insight, efficiency, sustainable quality, maintainability, continuous improvement, and product independence. Additionally, in fall of 2020, Clarity was certified at CMMI V2.0 Maturity Level 2 (ML2) and Capability Level 2 (CL2) (details below).   Clarity can be used to prepare an organization for ML2/CL2 appraisal. 


  • Insight – Through the use of the Software Task (a.k.a Development Task), a great deal of Insight is available at the tactical level (development task status, hours completed versus hours estimated, form detail), as well as the strategic level (global view of development task statuses and completion details across a single or multiple projects)
  • Efficiency – Efficiencies are attained by allowing team members to focus on their specialized skills without becoming process experts, as well as through a system of checks and balances that mitigate error propagation in the product development lifecycle
  • Sustainable Quality – Sustainable quality is supported by the use of components, plugins, and standards, which includes the use of checklists and forms, to produce a repeatable, structured approach to product development. Special emphasis is placed on training and testing
  • Maintainability – Standards and metrics enhance product maintainability, including a “dual coverage” metric that correlates staff skills and experience with engineering technologies against the use of those technologies in products
  • Continuous Improvement – A combination of data from development tasks, metrics, and other sources identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Tool Independence – Clarity can be implemented for free using a variety of standard office tools or other applications, making it a tool-independent process

CMMI-V2 ML2 and CL2 certified

Clarity completed CMMI V2.0 ML2 and CL2 (six PAs) certification in fall of 2020.


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