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Clarity - Features

Clarity™ maximizes staff effectiveness and product quality by implementing the “Goldilocks” measure of process allocation and timeliness – just the right amount of process by the right person at the right time. This minimizes software rework and maximizes the use of team members’ time. To accomplish this, Clarity is based on ten components.

  • Software Tasks – a separate mini-software development lifecycle to mitigate error propagation
  • Software Leads – execute the process, freeing software developers and testers to do their jobs
  • Immediate Status – is provided by software tasks at tactical and strategic levels
  • Scalability – process allocation is based on the software size and criticality
  • Feature Branching – expanded through the use of the Software Task ID
  • Methodologies – Clarity has been integrated into Agile and Waterfall-Iterative methodologies
  • Checklists and Forms – provide a repeatable, structured approach to software management
  • Metrics – measure software engineering product, process and organizational health
  • Free and Open – can be implemented using a variety of open source, commercial, or business applications
  • Training & Testing – emphasis is placed on certified testers, automated testing, and staff training


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