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Clarity - Software Tasks

Software Tasks are the central component in Clarity when used for software development. As a mini-software development lifecycle of their own, they provide built-in checks and balances to mitigate error propagation through each phase of the development. The Software Task can be generalized into a Development Task for product development outside of the software domain.

Error propagation from phase to phase of the software development lifecycle is time-consuming and costly, but the real issue is that unmitigated error propagation across multiple phases of the software lifecycle has exponential effects on cost and schedule.

Clarity mitigates these effects by assigning and tracking software development activities in a Software Task form. The form provides a simple but effective system of checks and balances to mitigate error propagation. It also makes it easy for software developers and testers to focus on their work, supports the software lead as they manage tasks, generates synergies when combined with feature branching, and provides the foundation for many useful metrics.

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Software task header screenshot


Software Task Requirements screenshot


Software Task Design Screenshot


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