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Fugitive Emissions & Cryogenic Testing

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Fugitive emissions testing of valves, flanges, and other products is an area that SwRI is actively involved with in the refining industry. Tests can be performed from cryogenic temperatures of -320°F (liquid nitrogen submersion) to temperatures higher than 750°F.  All testing is performed under a quality/safety system with qualified operators.

Fugitive emissions testing consists of measuring emissions to the atmosphere at maximum operating conditions of the product (temperature and pressure). This is performed using either helium or methane gas depending on the test procedure, each of which have their respective limitations.

Industry Standards & Custom Test Procedures Performed at SwRI

  • BS 6364 – Specification for Valves for Cryogenic Service
  • ISO 15848-1– Measurement, Test and Qualification Procedures for Fugitive Emissions, Classification System and Qualification Procedures for Type Testing of Valves
  • ISO 15848-2 – Measurement, Test and Qualification Procedures for Fugitive Emissions, Production Acceptance Test of Valves
  • MESC SPE 77/300 – Procedure and Technical Specification for Type Acceptance Testing (TAT) of Industrial Valves
  • MESC SPE 77/312 – Fugitive Emission Production Testing (Amendments/Supplements to ISO 15848-2)
  • API 624 - Type Testing of Rising Stem Valves Equipped with Graphite Packing for Fugitive Emissions
  • API 641 - Type Testing of Quarter-turn Valves for Fugitive Emissions
  • Custom test procedures can be accommodated based on the project requirements

For more information about fugitive emissions and cryogenic testing, please contact Christopher Jowers at +1 210 522 4221.