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Mechanical Vibration Analysis

Mechanical modeling techniques are used to eliminate excessive vibration and dynamic stress caused by mechanical and pulsation-induced shaking forces generated by compressors and pumps. Mechanical analyses are performed to assess the likelihood of a coincidence of system component structural resonance and acoustic (pulsation) energy within the piping system.

Types of Mechanical System Vibration Analyses

The extent of a mechanical system vibration analysis can vary:

  • Basic review of piping restraint types and locations
  • Detailed modeling of the compressor manifold piping system
  • Calculation of dynamic stress and vibration amplitudes of system components and piping

Detail of Mechanical System Design Recommendations

Typical mechanical system design recommendation details include:

  • Piping configurations
  • Piping support types and locations
  • Compressor bottle supports
  • Compressor cylinder supports
  • Vessel and gas cooler structural supports
  • Internal baffle specifications

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